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News of Argentina’s second bond default since 2001 sent shock-waves around the world last week.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tanked over 300 points! How safe is the bond market and how safe are the banks? As geopolitical tensions heighten and as we approach what many economists are predicting to be another stock market crash, investors are flocking to physical gold for a safe-haven. Find out the important difference between investing in physical gold versus gold ETFs and learn how physical precious metals, whether included in your retirement plan or portfolio, are the best means of preserving your wealth. What economic problems are charging our way that investors must realize and prepare their finances for? Get a clear understanding of current and ongoing geopolitical conflicts, how they can stir the markets, and what you can do now to shield your portfolio against further oncoming market turmoil.

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On January 8, 1835, President Andrew Jackson proclaimed that the last installment of our national debt had been paid, and that the United States was debt free! This was the only time in American history that the U.S. had no debt.

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