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Investors – and Donald Trump – are loving gold

“Two phenomena that pundits said would almost certainly never happen have taken place this week: Donald Trump clinched the Republican presidential nomination, and the price of gold capped a 15-month rally by soaring above $1,300 an ounce. Coincidence? Logic would suggest so. But then, this is anything but a logical market environment or presidential electoral cycle. And there are, in fact, several ways in which gold is the ultimate Trumpian investment.

The prospect of a Trump presidency might cause gold to glitter a little more brightly. There’s the fact that the presumptive Republican candidate has hinted that he kind of likes the idea of the gold standard. ‘We used to have a very nice country because it was based on a gold standard and we do not have that any more,’ Trump said. Many Republicans love the idea of returning to the gold standard, making this possibly one of a tiny handful of areas in which Trump can find common ground with the rest of the party that he will lead into the November election.”

Love him or hate him, Trump is an equal opportunity offender. Will he upturn the status quo apple cart in Washington and on Wall Street? Will he end the Fed’s war on cash, savers and retirees? Stay tuned. And what would a Clinton presidency mean for gold? Bigger government, more taxpayer handouts and more economic uncertainty. Gold wins either way. Be a financial winner next November by electing to make a wise decision now to hedge against the vote’s economic impact.


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On January 8, 1835, President Andrew Jackson proclaimed that the last installment of our national debt had been paid, and that the United States was debt free! This was the only time in American history that the U.S. had no debt.

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