Investing In Precious Metals ETF’s



Are you looking to fortify and diversify your investment portfolio? Want to branch out from the conventional stocks and bonds and move into something that is as tried and true as any investment opportunity has ever been? When you’re ready to step into the lucrative and relatively secure precious metals market, as a means of protecting your financial interests and growing your wealth, all you need to do is contact Capital Gold Group. Our team of experienced professionals will help get you on the best path to suit your personal needs and put you on the fast track to financial success.

From the minting of the first ever 1849 twenty dollar “Liberty Head” Double Eagle (at which time the price of one troy ounce of gold was only a bit over twenty dollars) to today, the price of gold has risen by almost sixty times it’s original value. In just the last ten years alone, the price of gold has doubled, and it is now well over one thousand dollars per troy ounce and continues to climb. Though the short-term precious metals market may appear volatile and unwelcoming, the long-term growth in the value of both silver and gold is undeniable.

When you think of investing in precious metals, you may have a notion of stacking away big bars of gold in an upright safe in your bedroom closet. That’s not too far from the case for many gold and silver investors. Whether we’re talking about gold and silver bullion, ingots, coins or other smaller pieces of metal, the purchase of physical metal is actually only one way in which an individual can invest in precious metals. There are certain drawbacks to owning the actual, physical metal, but there are also ostensible benefits.

The alternative to investing in tangible precious metals, themselves, is what is called a precious metals exchange-traded fund (ETF). When you invest in a precious metal ETF, you are essentially buying into a stock that is inexorably linked to the value of a given precious metal. So, it essentially equates to your having purchased a small quantity of a precious metal, perhaps gold or silver, but without the need to store or house the bullion in a physical location. Though some would prefer to only deal with the financial implications of buying and owning said metal, and are thus better off buying into a precious metal ETF, Capital Gold Group strongly recommends holding the tangible metal in your own possession.

If you think that investing in the precious metal market sounds like exactly what you’d like to do with a portion of your investment fund, then you’ve come to the right place. Capital Gold Group is committed to helping you develop the ideal arrangement of precious metal investments to best suit your goals and your current portfolio. Between the expert knowledge that you’ll receive from our talented staff to the incredible customer service experience that each one of our representatives will provide, you simply will not find a more equipped precious metals firm.

Contact Capital Gold Group online at or by calling (800) 510-9594 and begin investing in precious metals today!

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Investing in the Stock Market Is Risky, Go for a Precious Metals IRA Instead



Deciding on what to invest in for your retirement fund can be a lot of pressure, especially since this is big money we’re talking about. The wrong choice could lead to a drastic financial loss, while an investment undertaken wisely can reap endless rewards and have you sitting pretty during your retirement.

For years, the practice of investing in the most obvious things such as mutual funds and the stock market has been widely practiced. However, the growing trend of investing in precious metals such as gold and silver seems to be slowly taking over and why shouldn’t it be?

These days investing in the stock market is like rolling a couple of dice because you never know what you’re going to get due to its extreme volatility. Aside from that, here are other risks of investing in the stock market you should be wary of:

● There’s no guarantee you’ll have any return on your investment. While there are numerous different methods of predicting when a stock will perform well and not perform so well , these aren’t a sure thing, even half of the time.

● You run the risk of a shifting interest rate that can cause a rise in interest and a decline in stock prices. According to, investors become especially exposed to interest rate risk when they buy securities that offer a fixed rate or return.

● Another kind of risk you can run into is the business risk. This is when the stock’s issuer goes bankrupt and is unable to pay the interest for the stock. This is also known as an unsystematic risk and you can lose a lot of money depending on how much you invested in the stock.

These are only three examples of the type of risks you might encounter when investing in the stock market. It may sound kind of scary, but remember that there’s always an alternative to investing in the stock market. That is, through investing in precious metals. Below are the upsides to a precious metals investment to help you see its potential:

● When you own a stock, the only proof of ownership you have is on paper. However, with gold or silver you actually have ownership of a physical metal.

● Stock prices are highly susceptible to inflation, but precious metals aren’t. In fact, precious metals are unaffected by such a situation. The value precious metals hold doesn’t change during instances of inflation.

Gold, silver, and other precious metals are considered to be a global currency even to this date. Wherever you go, precious metals can be sold at great prices, as they always have been highly regarded as a global form of currency. Due to their versatility, they become useful and saleable in all parts of the globe!

You don’t even have to look very far to find the precious metals you can invest in for your retirement or other life planning goals. At our company, Capital Gold Group, we provide investors of precious metals with authentic and high quality gold, silver, and more!

To reduce your risk and invest in a Precious Metals IRA today, contact Capital Gold Group at 1(800)510-9594 or visit them at!


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Where Do You Get Gold for Your IRA?



These days, instead of holding on to a regular IRA that consists of paper assets like cash, some of you might consider a Gold or Precious Metals IRA. You have probably heard that this method is less vulnerable to inflation and provides a more diversified retirement portfolio.

While investing in gold, silver and other precious metals is a smart choice, you have to be careful about where you get your precious metals in the first place. After all, you’ll be making a huge investment and you wouldn’t want all of that to go to waste on a bad investment.

That being said, it’s important that you get a little choosy with the precious metals firms or companies you’re buying from. To help you out, here are a few tips for picking the best one:

  • Check their reviews – As with most other companies, the more positive reviews they have, the more they can be trusted. It means they know how to treat their customers and keep them happy. Of course, that is something you should look for in all companies and most especially those that deal with precious metals. For the most part, the reviews are really easy to find. Sometimes firms will even place them on their website for everyone to see and this is a good sign. Searching for reviews is easy too, you just have to type in the name of the company and the word “Review” right next to it!
  • Look up their BBB ratings – Another great way of assessing a precious metals firm’s reputation is by looking it up on the BBB or the Better Business Bureau. Firms and companies that are on BBB with good ratings are obviously well-rounded and trustworthy. Aside from simply looking at the overall rating of a company, you should also take a look at the Complaint Closing Statistics. The BBB is also a great place to look for any comments about the company from past to current clients.
  • Complaints don’t always have to be the end of the world – If you see a relatively good company stained by a few complaints or bad comments, don’t judge too quickly. It may have just been a misunderstanding that was long resolved and the comment was never deleted. Ask the company about the bad comment you found and then you can judge them based on their reaction. If they beat around the bush or are defensive, that’s something to watch out for. However, if they’re honest and provide an explanation as to how that comment came to be, they’re worth giving a shot. Of course, it’s a different story for companies or firms that are just flooded with complaints. These should be avoided.

These tips are only the first few out there, which you can use on picking the right precious metals firm for your retirement life planning, such as Capital Gold Group. By remembering these and doing proper research about the firm where you buy precious metals, you can make a great investment for your self-directed IRA.

Contact Capital Gold Group today at 1(800)510-9594 about information on how to start a Precious Metals IRA today!

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Long-Term Reliability In the Precious Metals Market



Do you want to strengthen and diversify your current investment portfolio, but you’re struggling to come up with a good way to do so? Could some professional insight and financial guidance help you make the most innovative and potentially lucrative decisions? If you’re current investment portfolio only extends into the conventional stocks, bonds, property and the like, then you’re not taking advantage of one of the most highly lucrative and incredibly stable and secure investment opportunities out there. As a result of the long-term reliability in the precious metals market, there are simply few better, more promising investments one can make, period.

Sure, the precious metals market has experienced some agitation and fluctuation over recent months, but this should neither come as any huge surprise, nor should it be conceived of as an alarm bell that might prevent a prospective investor from putting a good portion of his or her investment fund into the precious metals market. Any stock, fund, bond or even property value is going to fluctuate, rise and fall, but this should not, nay, cannot discourage investors or paralyze further investments. Risk is a natural and omnipresent component of any investment market.

What a prospective investor might benefit greatly from (if working up one’s nerve is an essential matter in the process of investing in anything) precious metals or otherwise, is considering the incredible stability (over the long-haul) of the growth in value of precious metals. In the last century, for instance, the value of gold has increased more than thirty times over, and in just the past ten years, the value of gold has more than doubled and is now well over the $1000 per ounce mark. With this remarkable growth rate predicted to continue to climb well into the next decade and onward, there is simply no reason to be overly cautious, let alone cripplingly fearful, of investing in the precious metals market.

That being said, there is a level of caution with which any good investor should approach a new and yet unexplored investment opportunity. It would be unwise to dump a huge amount into an investment, whatever it may be, without doing one’s due diligence and gleaning anything and everything that one can about the implications and fluctuations that might affect returns on said investment. That is precisely why a wise investor would seek out the professional expertise and financial guidance of a leading investment firm like Capital Gold Group.

When you’re ready to make a highly lucrative and secure investment in the precious metals market, you can rest assured that Capital Gold Group is here to help. We will work closely with you to ensure that you are in the best shape to fortify your investment portfolio with the addition of gold or silver.

Contact Capital Gold Group today either online at or by calling (800) 510-9594 and see to your own financial fortitude!


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Gold IRA Retirement Plan



Are you setting out on a mission to conquer your retirement planning, but you’re a bit overwhelmed by all of the necessary considerations? Trying to decide on how to go about planning for retirement can be complicated, and that complication can feel a great deal worse when you’re trying to make all of these critical financial decisions on your own. Though you may understand the broad strokes of the saving for your retirement, there are subtleties and forks along the road to retirement for which you might find some professional assistance beneficial.

Developing a retirement plan is a compound operation that, if done properly, will take you some considerable time. When rushed into or skimmed over, a retirement plan will either never come to fruition as result of overestimation of necessary funds, or fall short in the midst of your retirement as a result of underestimation. Either way, it’s of vital importance that you have an accurate gauge on the figure that you and your significant other need to save in order to live comfortably through retirement. This will involve factoring in both luxury and essential contingencies, such as travel and medical care.

There is no denying that the good old dollar, U.S. currency, will be the foundation of your retirement plan. After all, that’s what you’re salary is comprised of, and what you deposit into your savings account. Left there, however, and your funds will not just plateau, but they will dwindle with the ever rising inflation rate. A sound and secure retirement plan will not just involve putting money away, nor will it be limited to investing in the conventional stocks and bonds. Rather, a truly diversified investment portfolio should at least have the support of the three legs of an investment tripod.

What is the third leg, you ask? While much of our economy struggles through unpredictable fluctuation, and many investments can be seen as shaky at best, the precious metals market is sound, secure and consistent. When you want to set yourself up with the strongest and most resilient retirement plan, you want to ensure that a good portion of your funds are set safely away in a Gold IRA, or another Precious Metals IRA. While other investments may waver inconsistently, you can rely on gold and silver not only to hold their values, but also to appreciate with punctuality.

Though knowing what needs to be done could be considered half of the battle, the other half, the half that involves action, is the much more involved of the two. If you’re now under the wise impression that investing in gold, silver or other precious metals is the route to a protected retirement plan, then your next step is to find a financial professional to help you arrange the ideal Precious Metals IRA to suit your needs. Capital Gold Group is a highly renowned precious metals firm capable of offering you everything that you need to start your retirement plan off on the right foot.

Contact Capital Gold Group online at or by calling (800) 510-9594 and take the first step in securing your financial future today!

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Smart Successful Retirement Planning Today


The words Retirement Plan written on a hand drawn bar chart surrounded by pencils, books and calculator.

Are you looking to begin planning for your retirement, but you haven’t the slightest idea where to begin? Figure that there must be more to it than simply putting money away in an account and waiting, but not quite sure what else to do? There are a vast plethora of different approaches to retirement and everyone and his brother has the “right” way to begin planning for retirement, but the truth of the matter is that there isn’t any one “right” way. There are, however, some ways that make a bit more sense than others.

Perhaps the single most important aspect of retirement planning is calculating the approximate annual figure that you and your significant other will require to maintain the standard of living that you wish to enjoy. All too often, people planning for retirement miscalculate this figure. If miscalculated high, retirement can seem altogether out of reach. Alternatively, if miscalculated low, retirees can find themselves in uncomfortable and sometimes dire financial situations. It is of the utmost importance, when planning for retirement, to accurately gauge how much you will need to live comfortably in retirement.

Though currency may be the backbone of your retirement fund, it cannot and should not be the only pillar upon which your peaceful and serene retirement depends. With instabilities in our economic environment and inflation rising every day, leaving your money in the bank is a sure way to struggle to achieve your retirement goals. Rather than putting all of your eggs in one proverbial basket, you’re significantly better off diversifying your investment portfolio to have the strength and security of numerous financial stabilizers. One of the most tried and true, not to mention all-too-often overlooked investment opportunities that can really set you up for success in retirement is precious metal.

While the U.S. dollar fluctuates with uncertainty with the rest of our economic climate and inflation continues to rise, precious metals, like gold and silver, are like heavy ships in an otherwise stormy sea. Precious metals continue to appreciate in value while seemingly everything around them is cast asunder by the fierce and indifferent winds of economic turmoil. If you want to make the most educated and secure decisions for you retirement planning, then you most certainly want to invest at least a good portion of your retirement funds in a Precious Metals IRA.

That sounds easy enough, but, in truth, it is far easier said than done and you cannot leave such crucial matters up to chance. When you’re ready to fortify your retirement by making the intelligent and pivotal move into the precious metals market, you’re going to want to seek out the assistance of a certified team of experienced professionals. There is no finer or more established precious metals firm in the nation than Capital Gold Group. Our team of precious metals experts are second to none.

When you want to ensure that your retirement planning is rock solid, all you need to do is visit Capital Gold Group online at or call us at (800) 510-9594 today!

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WGC Official: China Headed For Record Gold Demand In 2013


Kitco News
By Allen Sykora
August 15, 2013

(Kitco News) – China is on a pace for record gold demand in 2013, putting it neck-and-neck in a race with India to see which nation will be the world’s largest consumer this year, said an official with the World Gold Council Thursday.

Demand has been robust in the two nations so far in 2013, with the WGC’s quarterly trends report Thursday citing increased purchases of jewelry, coins and bars in the wake of a price fall as buyers sought to take advantage of lower prices.

For the second quarter, India’s gold demand jumped 71% year-on-year to 310 metric tons. Demand for China surged 85% year-on-year to 294.6 tons, the WGC said.

“It really does show the incredible performance of those two markets in Q2,” said Marcus Grubb, managing director for investment with the WGC. He spoke with Kitco News in conjunction with the release of the quarterly report.

The Gold Council hiked its forecasts for demand in these nations, currently looking for each to buy somewhere between 900 and 1,000 tons for the full year, Grubb said. This is an especially bullish forecast for China since its previous high was around 776 tons, whereas India has hit 1,000 before, the WGC official continued.

For the first half of the year, China purchased around 600 tons, up 45% from the first six months of 2012, Grubb said. India had purchases of 566 tons, a 48% increase. While China has consumed more so far this year, the second half tends to be stronger for India due to the Diwali festival season, Grubb continued.

“So we think it’s very difficult now to call between the two markets which will be biggest,” Grubb said.

Indian authorities implemented a number of measures aimed at curbing gold imports into the country in an effort to tackle a large current-account deficit. The import tax was hiked again Tuesday. Yet, the Grubb said he looks for strong demand anyway. He pointed out that even with prior attempts to limit imports, India’s demand is up sharply so far during the first half of 2013.

He said after the latest measure Tuesday, hiking the duty to 10%, the gold premium jumped to $57 an ounce in Mumbai, meaning the new rules simply meant higher prices for consumers.

Grubb later added, “We think demand will remain unaffected in India. We think the other corollary of that is you are going to see a bigger gray market this year, with probably a bit higher than 200 tons of gold coming in through unofficial channels by year-end.”

The data in the WGC report, compiled independently by the consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS, show that India’s jewelry demand jumped to 188 tons in the second quarter from 124.6 in the same period a year ago. Bar and coin investment rose to 122 tons from 56.5.

For China, jewelry demand rose to 167.3 tons from 108.8. Bar and coin investment climbed to 127.3 tons from 50.1.

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Chinese Gold Demand Could Hit 1,000 Tonnes This Year-WGC


By Jan Harvey
July 25, 2013

* China set to overtake India as no.1 gold consumer

* Central bank demand set to ease from 48-yr high

* Jewelry offtake to grow as proportion of demand

LONDON, July 25 (Reuters) – China’s gold demand could hit a record 1,000 tonnes this year, the World Gold Council said on Thursday, which means it would overtake India as the world’s biggest bullion consumer.

Chinese gold demand is likely to be in the region of 950 to 1,000 tonnes in 2013, the WGC’s managing director for investment, Marcus Grubb, said, but risks are skewed to the upside and could push demand past the upper end of that range.

“China will probably be the world’s biggest gold consumer this year for the first time on an annual basis,” Grubb said. “That will be driven by both jewellery and investment demand. Jewellery will be the biggest overall demand segment, but investment will grow fastest.”

Physical deliveries from the Shanghai Gold Exchange in the first half of 2013 exceeded total deliveries for all of last year, exchange data showed, while premiums over spot prices rose above $20 an ounce.

China’s demand for gold in fabrication, which covers jewellery and other decorative and industrial uses, amounted to 590.5 tonnes last year, according to metals consultancy Thomson Reuters GFMS.

India’s gold demand is likely to be at the lower end of earlier guidance, Grubb said, at around 850 tonnes. The Indian government has moved to curb gold imports this year in a bid to cut a record trade deficit.

The Reserve Bank of India said on Monday that 20 percent of all gold imports must be used for exports, up from less than 10 percent currently.

Grubb forecast global central bank gold acquisitions this year at around 400 tonnes, down from a 48-year high of 532 tonnes in 2012. He described mine supply as “a wild card” and said scrap supply was expected to decline by 300-400 tonnes from 1,616 tonnes last year.

He expected jewellery to account for a larger slice of world gold demand this year as investment in the metal drops.

Investor selling on expectations that the Federal Reserve is set to rein in its gold-friendly quantitative easing policy in the near future has been blamed for a more than 20 percent drop in gold prices this year.

“Jewellery demand is likely to increase globally this year as a proportion of overall gold demand for the first time in 12 years,” Grubb said.

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